AWANA Registration 2020-21

AWANA 2020-21 Registration

Please fill out the following form to register your student for AWANA 2020-21. Our AWANA program is on Wednesday Evenings from 5:45pm-7:30pm.  This year we will be offering our traditional AWANA program as well as an alternative online program.  Please complete the form below to register your child in our AWANA program.

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AWANA Registration 2020-21

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Being the legal guardian of the minor named herein, I give Heber Springs Baptist Church and/or its sponsors the authority to secure any medical and/or surgical treatment for the child names above that is determine necessary in the event of an emergency, sickness, or accident.

I authorize the following people (in additions to the parents listed above) to pick up my child from any AWANA sponsored gatherings.

I give permission for photos or videos of AWANA activities which may contain my child to be used on Heber Springs Baptist Church media platforms.

This year we are offering AWANA in our traditional Wednesday night club night or an alternative online AWANA program. With the online program the student will have AWANA videos they can watch and then participate in the book time like our traditional program. Please select the button below as to which method is best suited for your child.
Traditional ProgramOnline Program

Questions? If you have any questions about our AWANA program, please let us know.